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Bloom Healthy is an organic food business catering to those with limited or no access to healthful affordable food options. 

Bloom Healthy

Cover pamphlet graphic design with  photo of mother and child
Illustration of flowers and leaves for graphic design of pamphlet


The first step is to meet with the client to understand the business and the goals of the organization. When a client is uncertain about the company's target, pricing, product or service I offer them my marketing skills to solidify their goals and marketing strategy.


Before I show the client finished concepts for the logo, I sketch out, by hand, ideas to develop. 


I narrow down the ideas to show the client and we then work together to further develop the winning concept.

Logo Concept Creation Process

Ronnie is a gem. Her ability to combine her graphic design expertise with her marketing talents is a unique and rare find. Her skill set allows her to create visual content that moves audiences to interact. She creates content that engages your audience. Content that not only looks good but also moves the intended audience to like, comment, visit your website, and/or make a purchase. It was a pleasure working with her.

Marion Henson

Chief Executive Officer, Bloom Healthy

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